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Kids of the Hills...

The people you meet on the road are the most impactful part of any travel. Especially the kids. Times spent with the kids that we meet on our journeys are some of our fondest memories. This story is our attempt to introduce you to some of them....

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Sani Festival:  Colourful Victory of Good Over Evil

A two day riot of colour, dance and music, the Sani Festival is the perfect way to build a social camaraderie among the far flung villages of the...

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People of the Valley: Kashmir

It has always been known as “jannat,” or heaven. The valley—as Kashmir is commonly known—conjures paradisiacal images. Everywhere you look, the landscape is picture postcard perfect. This story is an attempt to showcase the beautiful people from a beautiful place.

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Dahi Handi Celebrations

Dahi (yogurt) Handi (pot) literally translates to a pot of yogurt! This day marks the birthday of Lord Krishna. It celebrates his endearing love for all things milk, and the tricks the mischievous, naughty baby Krishna would resort to—just to get his hands on that creamy yogurt his mother would...

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Remote Rural Carnival

It was actually just the weekly village market, albeit the biggest of the year. But a rural Indian bazaar, with its explosion of colour and activity is never “just a market”. It takes a simple lifestyle to turn a weekly cattle market into a carnival. We were lucky to have...

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Less is More: The Simple Life in Zanskar Valley

Sani was our introduction to the Zanskar valley. It was studded with many firsts: first face-off with “remote location” and “isolation”, a high altitude village stay and a monastery festival. When a tiled bathroom became a luxury. It was an eye opener to a life so simple, yet so happy,...

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The Leh-Manali Route: An Epic Journey

By any standard and from any perspective, the Leh-Manali journey has ‘epic’ written all over it. With roads that open up for only a few months a year, these 470 km will test you, scare you, shock you and leave you spellbound. You will believe life is beautiful....

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Amarnath Yatra: Trek on a Pilgrimage

We were looking for a trek in the Kashmir region. It was the season of the Amarnath yatra. Everyone around suggested we make use of this opportunity....

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The Mystical Magical Tso Moriri

Mighty, endless, vast, abundant, clear, beautiful and pure. This lake touched and moved us like only Nature can. At Tso Moriri, all we could do was bow down and feel blessed at having witnessed it....

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Trek to the Remote Phuktal Monastery

Zanskar is the most isolated valley in India and Phuktal is its most remote monastery. This is the story of our journey to the monastery. Accessible only by foot, through villages few and far between, it was an introduction to a way of life we hardly thought possible....

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Festivals and Celebrations: Maptia Storytelling Theme 5

Have you ever experienced the sensory overload of Burning Man or watched cultural barriers disintegrate during Holi’s glorious human rainbow? Have you felt the magical effervescence and communal joy at the Thai Lantern festival, watched a procession during a penis festival in Japan, crashed an Uzbek wedding, or spent Christmas...

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Around the World in 80 Stories

We’re quietly chuffed to declare that since we launched Maptia last September, over 10 months of collective human time has been spent reading the stories crafted by our wonderful founding storytellers. That roughly equates to 432,000 minutes—or more impressively, over 8 million nanocenturies—spent reading tales of hiking summits, hitting the open road, visiting...

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Stories by Hyla Nemy on Maptia

Everything is walking distance. Everyone has a story....