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Long term travel hacks: How we prepared to become full time ...

It all seemed logical — even after a night’s sleep. The decision to travel long term had happened over dinner, past midnight. It had been an exhausting day. “Let’s quit it all and travel the world” had sounded, not surprisingly, like the best idea ever.

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Travels through the Amazon: Journeying through the rainforest, along Lima, Peru, Brazil

Imagine a golden snake. Quietly meandering its way through 7000 kilometres. Now imagine this snake to have wings. Green wings, teeming heavily with life, spread across nine countries. That in a nutshell, is the Amazon.

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Patagonia's wintry wonderland; skiing at Bariloche: Travels through ...

Everything we had ever dreamt of was there. The vast ocean. Tall mountains. Nature, unadulterated nature.
But we had to be brave. Very very brave. For us (meaning people from Mumbai) even the Sahyadri winters are a bit too much — forget the Himalayas. We’d have to face the full onslaught of the southern hemisphere winter at kissing distance from — Antarctica!

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Tango in Argentina, Shah Rukh Khan in Bolivia, Incan culture in ...

Open air tango. Vintage markets. Opulent tombstones. Cafes. Parillas. Laughter and celebration. Happy people of the happy-aired city: the literal translation of Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires had too many contenders for the first impression, but what struck us most were the shadows.

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From São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and Manaus, getting to know ...

A dismissive wave of the hand, a musical “Na da” follows every “Obrigada”. It has a ring of “Don’t be silly, saying your thanks and all — is that how you treat your friends?”
That was our first impression of Brazil, as we landed in São Paulo airport for a 5-month trip (we didn’t know so at the time) through South America.

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The full-time travellers: How serendipity became our guide to long ...

We left Mumbai with a one-way ticket to Delhi. The month of May made the Himalayas the obvious choice for the destination. An overnight train from Delhi took us to Jammu. Excited, we got out of the Jammu railway station. Sandeepa, looking for taxis to Srinagar. Chetan, for an auto rickshaw to a hotel in Jammu! Thus began our first long-term trip together!